Why You Don’t Need A Big House

Do you really need a huge house to be happy? People think they need thousands of square feet and a different room for every activity to be happy. You don’t need a huge house to be happy, if you choose to live in a smaller house you will be much happier because you’ll have less …

What are the prices to butcher a hog?

256 lbs hog 153.2 lbs Meat Profit 102.8 lbs Waste $35 Baby Hog $172.25 Price to Butcher and Process $132 Pig Food ($11 a bag 2 bags a month) $339.25 total cost $2.21/lb Becky tells you how much it cost to raise a pig and explains how she gets the hog to the butcher and …

How to Cure An Egg Bound Chicken

If your hen is showing the symptoms of being egg bound you might be really worried. In this video Becky shows you how to cure an egg bound hen. First she talks about the symptoms of an egg bound hen and then she shows you how to cure an egg bound chicken. Chicken Coop Blueprints

Chorizo & Goat Cheese Quiche

Two tablespoons finely chopped onion Half cup cooked chorizo Half cup chopped spinach Six fresh eggs One cup goat cheese Fresh ground black pepper Mix all ingredients (except goat cheese) in large bowl with whisk for three to four minutes. Pour into buttered pie dish. Spoon medium dollops of goat cheese on top. Cook at …

Mistakes To Avoid When Raising Chickens

Never ever put new babies in with older hens. The big ones will always beat up the little ones and kill them. When you put chickens together they have to be the same size. Chickens don’t know age they just know size. In the winter when you’re feeding whole corn, make double triple sure you …

Homesteading Ideas for Beginners

Here are four ideas that will get you started homesteading for beginners. Becky starts off talking about raising a hog for meat. A meat pig is an easy project to do even for beginner homesteaders. Next Becky shows you her garden and talks about all the food she is growing. Then Becky shows you her …

Girl Power

Becky gives you some girl power inspiration. One woman really can accomplish a lot in life. This inspiring true story shows young woman everywhere that they have endless girl power and that a determined woman can accomplish anything!

Grit For Chickens

Grit is very important for your chickens to have. It’s a must have. Chickens need grit to digest their food. If chickens don’t digest their food properly they’ll stop laying eggs. That’s how important grit is, if they’re missing grit it will stop your egg production. How grit works is the chicken eats it and …

Mortgage Questions You Need To Ask

Are you wondering if a 30yr mortgage is right for you? Is it a good life plan? If you’re a first time buyer, what are some of the things you should think about? What you should know before you sign a 30yr mortgage. Think long and hard before you sign up for a 30yr mortgage. …

How to Make A Purse

Don’t spend hundreds on a new purse, make your own purse! I get more compliments from my homemade purse than any of the ones I bought from a store. In this video I show you how to make a purse. You can get the bag here. In the video Becky said she got it at …

How To Give A Dog A Pill

If you’re wondering how to give a dog a pill in this video Becky shows you how to do it the quick easy way. What you use is cream cheese. Take a spoon full of cream cheese and wrap the pill inside it. Then give it to your dog. If your dog never ate cream …

Where To Find The Best Land

Becky’s Guide To Buying Land, get the eBook here. Where Is A Good Location For A Homestead How far out of town should your land be? For a few people the farther out the better. But for most people you want to be a reasonable distance from a town. One criteria that I use is …

How to Buy Land

Becky’s Guide To Buying Land, get the eBook here. One way to buy property when you have no money…you’re poor and you have no credit. And you feel like it’s a hopeless situation. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not. I know because this is exactly what I did, and now I’m mortgage free. …

How many chickens can I have?

If you want to raise chickens the organic way one of the most important things is to not over crowd your chicken coop. My coop is 10’ x 40’ and I only have 9 chickens in there. Since they have plenty of room they don’t get stressed from fighting with each other and they never …

Winterizing Your Chicken Coop

Becky shows you how to winterize a chicken coop. She starts by demolishing her old chicken coop and rebuilding it using corral boards. Corral boards are great because they’re pressure treated for the outdoors and they’re pretty affordable. The whole idea to winterizing your chicken coop is to protect your chicken from the wind, rain, …

Steel Building Pole Barn Advice

Becky talks about how she got her new steel building pole barn. How she designed it to keep the cost down and get the most for her money. Even though this is just a car port, the 9 foot walls and tack room make it feel like a barn. If you plan ahead and don’t …

diy Planter Box

Becky uses scrap wood from around the homestead to build raised bed garden boxes. These garden boxes are going to be in the shade so they’ll make good summer gardens. When you make a garden box make sure it’s not too wide. I make mine just wide enough so I can reach half way across …

How to Layout Your Homestead

Becky shows you how she laid out her homestead. She talks about the design she used to choose where to put everything. You can get lots of use out of a small homestead if you use Becky’s method for designing it. There are 3 zones you can use when you’re deciding were to put everything. …

Lunchables Review

Becky reviews Lunchables. She talks about the fact that they don’t even have real cheese, she talks about how much sodium is in them, and how their is barely any fiber. Becky also gives her opinion on whether or not you should feed Lunchables to your kids. When you read labels on processed food you …

Ways To Make Money For Your Homestead

Becky explains how she pays for her homestead. She explains the difference between a homestead business and the homesteading lifestyle. Your goal should be to lower your bills, and live a simple life so you don’t have to work 40+ hours in the rat race. If you can support yourself with a part time job …

Pig Farming Questions Answered

After my last video where I showed you how I went and bought a hog to raise for meat I got a lot of questions. In this video I answer 4 of the questions I got the most. How much did I pay for the baby hog? How big will this pig get? Why don’t …

Homemade Coffee Table

Becky shows you how she is building a homemade coffee table out of a big wood log. This coffee table is long and narrow so everyone sitting on the couch will have some table in front of them. She starts by sanding the log with medium grit sand paper. Then she notches out the spot …

Minecraft Soap Recipe

This is a fun soap recipe to make for someone who loves playing Minecraft. Recipe 24.25 oz Distilled Water 9.7 oz Lye 54 oz Coconut Oil Supplies See even more tools and supplies here.

How to Start A Homestead

How do you know if you’re homesteader? A lot of people are considering a change to a homesteading lifestyle. It has a lot of appeal, it’s a greener lifestyle, if done right it’s simpler and more stress free. Leaving more time to relax and spend time with the people you love. It’s exciting to learn …

What do baby chickens eat?

Becky shows you what baby chickens eat. She starts with ground corn, which is also called chick starter. Then she shows you crimped oats which are for when the baby chickens get a little bigger. And last she shows you alfalfa hay which is good for chickens at any age. If you want to get …

Planting Zucchini

Becky plants some baby zucchini that she started indoors out in her homestead garden.

Raising Chickens For Eggs

Becky shows you everything so you’ll know how to raise chickens for eggs. She starts by talking about how important it is to remove all stress from your chickens. Then she tells you what she feeds her chickens so they lay eggs all year long. Finally Becky shows you the nesting boxes and talks about …

Becky’s Small Garden Layout

Becky shows you a tour of her small garden. This year she’s growing onions, roma tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cucumber, squash, eggplant, and blueberries. She talks about how she fertilizes and keeps out ants. And she also chases Neil the pig out of the garden.

Is an adjustable rate mortgage a good idea?

In this video Becky gives you the balloon mortgage definition, and she explains what an adjustable rate mortgage is. She tells you what mortgage types she likes the best and gives you advice on how to set yourself up to pay off your mortgage as fast as possible and start living mortgage free.

Beauty Bar vs Cleansing Bar Soap

Becky explains the difference between a beauty bar and cleansing bar soap. She explains what saponification is. A lot of people ask if you can use a beauty bar for making home made laundry soap. The answer is no. A beauty bar is a superfat recipe, that means there is extra oil left over in …

Starting Seeds Indoors

You can start seeds indoors without spending money on those expensive seed starter cups. In this video I show you how I use inexpensive paper cups to start some heirloom tomato seeds inside.

Coconut Oil Soap Recipe

This is one of my favorite soap recipes. Olive oil used to be my favorite but now this coconut oil soap recipe is my favorite because it’s a beauty bar that leaves your skin so smooth and very moisturized. My recipe is 5% superfat, that means this is a beauty bar that will moisturize your …

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe

Becky starts by answering some questions about homemade liquid laundry detergent. Then she shows you how to make it. First you start by grating the whole bar of zote into the 5 gallon bucket. Then you add 2 gallons of hot water and stir until the zote shavings dissolve. Then you add 3 more gallons …

Hard To Catch Mules AFTER Training

Becky shows you how she catches her mules. They used to be hard to catch but then Becky discovered Meredith Hodges training. Becky followed her advice and now after a couple months of training the mules are much easier to catch.

Bedding for baby chicks

Becky answers a question from Reva about what’s the best bedding for baby chicks. Becky talks about hay, newspaper, and wood shavings or wood chips. She talks about the good and bad about each one and tells you what she chooses to use for chicken bedding.

3 Day Diet Menu

Follow Becky’s 3 day detox diet menu to get started eating healthier so you can feel less bloated, lose some weight, and feel healthier.

Mortgage Free Living

Becky talks about mortgage free living and why it’s worth the effort Paying off your mortgage early. When you don’t have a mortgage you have more time to do what you want and you have less stress. Your goal should be to lower your bills and your overhead as much as possible so you only …

How I Lost 30 Pounds

Becky explains what she did to lose 30 pounds. She talks about the changes she made in her life and what workout and fitness app she recommends.

How I Got Mortgage Free

Becky tells her story of how she maneuvered her way into being mortgage free with no money. It’s worth putting in the effort to get mortgage free because living without that heavy burden on your shoulders is a great feeling. So many people are stuck in the rat race because they get a big house …

Florida Gators Soap Recipe

See Becky’s soap video for beginners here. See a more complete list of equipment for making soap at home here. Do you love the Florida Gators? Are you looking for a homemade gift for the gator lover in your life? In this homesteading video Becky shows you her easy recipe for making soap at home …

Keeping Horses On A Small Homestead

Becky talks about how big your pasture needs to be to keep horses, how big her water trough is, what kind of shelter she built for her horses, and also how she built the gate for going in and out of the pasture.

Worming Horses Naturally

Becky shows you her horse worming schedule. She explains exactly how she keeps her horses worm free using diatomaceous earth.

Becky Visits A Blueberry Farm

Becky visits a u pick bluberries farm. She explains how it’s a good way to get fresh fruit and vegetables even if you don’t have your own garden.

How to Fry Potatoes

From garden to table, Becky shows you how to make a delicious homestead egg and potato breakfast.

How to make a potato tower.

Becky shows you how to grow potatoes in a potato tower. Making a potato tower is easy to do, and it’s a really good way to grow some fresh potatoes for your family.

How to Raise Pigs For Meat

Becky gives you ideas on how to raise pigs for meat. She gives you a tour of her pig pen, shows you how she gets it ready, then Becky visits a local pig farmer to pick up her two new baby pigs.

Chicken Coop Designs

Becky gives you a tour of the chicken coops on her homestead. She gives you some ideas for the different chicken coop designs you can have.

Crusty Bread Recipe

Becky shows you how to make crusty bread at home. This is a very easy recipe that’s perfect for beginners who’ve never made bread before.

Goat Milk Soap Recipe

Becky’s goat milk soap recipe. Becky shows you how to make soap with lye, goat milk, olive oil, & lavender.

Cold Process Soap Recipe

Becky’s beginner bar soap recipe. Cold process soap with only 3 ingredients: lye, lard & water. Becky shows you how to make your own bar soap from start to finish in this homesteading video.

Pork Sandwich Recipe

I like to cook my own homegrown food for my friends and family. In this recipe I use homestead ground pork, eggs, onions and tomatoes. It is so fresh and tasty when you get your ingredients from your backyard. To me that’s what homesteading is all about. Then to be able to share it with …

How I Finally Grew A Veggie Garden

I thought I needed a field garden of some kind to be a “real” gardener. You know, rows of plants in the ground. After getting almost nothing for three years that way I was desperate. I didn’t care how, I just wanted to grow veggies. This year I tried container gardening, and I’ve been growing …

Homesteading Ideas

Look over Becky’s shoulder as she gives you a quick tour of everything she’s doing on her homestead.

What Do Chickens Eat?

#213 In this episode Becky shows you what to feed chickens so you get plenty of farm fresh eggs. Raising chickens in your backyard is really easy if you know a few simple things about how to keep your hens fat and happy.

Donkey Cart Training

#212 In this episode Becky shows you how to harness up a donkey or horse, she talks about all the parts of a harness, and then shows you how to teach a donkey or horse how to drive and pull a cart.

#209 Becky visits her friend Kat’s homestead, and Kat shows Becky how to milk a goat, then they go into the kitchen and make home made goat cheese from scratch.

#207 Becky visits a goat farm and learns about dairy goats, and pygmy goats.

Kerosene Heater

#206 Becky shows you how to light and operate a kerosene heater and talks about planting some garlic bulbs. Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat Convection 23,000-BTU Portable Kerosene Heater

Water Tank Home Repair

#205 Becky shows you how to fix the air volume control gauge on her well water tank, plays with her new baby pony, and hammers in the grounding rods for her log cabin electrical. NOTE: You can see all the details on the float type air volume control gauge for the water tank here. ( …

Canning for Beginners

#204 In this episode Becky talks about her first time canning and tells you all about it. She also talks about pulling wires for the log cabin electrical, and reads your homesteading letters.

How to get Financial Independence

#203 In this episode Becky talk about being financially independent, her new baby horse, and Becky reads your letters and answers your homesteading questions.

Log Cabin Insulation

#202 Becky shows you the second part about insulating her log cabin roof deck with Icynene spray foam insulation, and becky reads your letters and answers your homesteading questions. I’m building my own log cabin. The step I’m on now is insulation. Even with a log cabin you need to insulate the attic and the …

Make a Nest Box for your Backyard Chickens

#201 In this episode of Becky’s Homestead, Scott shows you how to build a recycled chicken egg laying nest box for your backyard poultry. Becky talks about insulating her log cabin roof deck with icynene spray foam insulation.

Backyard Chickens for Beginners

#125 In this episode Becky shows you everything you need to know about chickens for your homestead. She talks about baby chickens, roosters, hens, egg production, what to feed chickens, and tips for making sure your homesteading chickens are happy.

Building A Log Cabin

#124 In this episode Becky answers the question: How long does building a log cabin take? She talks about the spring garden on the homestead and answers your homesteader questions and gives encouragement and advice.

Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

#123 In this episode Becky shows you the different types of cast iron cookware she uses in the homestead kitchen, she also gives advice on cleaning your cast iron cookware.

Draft Horse Heavy Pullers

#122 In this episode Becky talks about a great design for a bird feeding station, Belgian draft horse heavy pullers and how to do their shoes, and Becky answers your mail.

Barter for a Granite Countertop

#121 In this episode Becky talks about Granite, Bartering, she talks about “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp, and Becky reads your letters.

Tips for hard financial times.

#120 In this episode Becky talks about how to make it through hard financial times. She gives a tour of the homestead kitchen and talks about ways to simplify and save money.

#119 In this episode Becky talks about how much land is needed for a homestead. How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine

#116 In this episode, Becky shows you how to grow a successful homesteading garden, including tomatoes, squash and flowers. She talks about fertilizer, pest control, and seeds

#115 In this episode Becky has a special report from John Flowers of www.LifeZero.org. John gives us a tour of his Life Zero apartment. Becky also reads your letters.

#114 In this episode Becky visits the library and speaks to the Librarian and Master Gardener, Patty. Becky and Patty talk about books for the homesteader, starting seeds, and they answer questions from the audience.

Kerosene Heaters 101

#111 In this episode Becky talks about heating your home with kerosene. Becky also talks about a really good book by Michael Pollan.

How to Build A Light Weight Chicken Coop

#110 Our 10th episode! In this episode of Becky’s Homestead, Becky shows you how to build a light weight chicken coupe, so you can have fresh eggs. Becky also talks about debt.

What is Homesteading?

#104 In this episode Becky talks about: What is Homesteading? Oil Lamps, and she answers a question from a viewer.

Meet Becky

In our first episode you get to meet Becky, and she gives you a quick tour of her homestead.