These are some of my favorite things. If you buy anything on this page you don’t pay one penny more but I get a small percentage.

I use this to de-worm my chickens and all the animals on my homestead.

This little scale is good for losing weight and for making soap.


If you want to do a good job with your baby chickens and you want to do it right this is what you need. It’s awesome. It keeps the temperature steady so your baby chickens don’t get too hot or too cold.

This just gives off heat and no light, it works good with the temperature controller.

Metal feeders are by far the best, they hold up nicely and last a lifetime. You can hand it down to your kids when they want chickens, haha.

Kitchen Stuff

I love this pot, I use it almost every day.

These 3 are my most used frying pans in my cabin. A must have for home cooking.

This is the pot I use for my no-knead crusty bread recipe. I love this thing.

Making Soap


Survival Kit



Homestead Essentials