Becky’s Homestead Episodes on DVD

Learn From Becky Even When You’re Away From The Internet

We’ve collected all the episodes of Becky’s Homestead from the past year and put them on a DVD so you can watch them on your TV or Computer. Our DVD plays just like a regular DVD movie you’d get from the store, and it has a menu so you can skip right to the episode or topic you want.


Making soap, starting a vegetable garden, backyard chickens, simple recipes, and more! Three hours of homesteading ideas, inspiration, and how to’s on DVD.

Becky covers a variety of topics that anyone into homesteading will find interesting and useful. When it comes to how to’s Becky explains every step and shows you exactly how she does it so you can follow along at home.

DVD Table of Contents

Brownies Recipe – Becky’s country bumpkin’ brownies recipe.
Easy Nest Boxes – How to make nest boxes for your chickens to lay eggs in.
Toe Crack Cure – How to get rid of a crack in your horse’s hoof.
Homesteading Ideas – A tour of Becky’s homestead.
Buff Orpingtons – Why Buff Orpingtons are one of Becky’s favorite breeds.
Raising Baby Chicks – How to care for baby chickens.
Garden Tour – A tour of Becky’s garden.
Pork Sandwich Recipe – A delicious pork sandwich recipe using home raised pork.
Are Chickens Legal – How to find out if keeping chickens is legal in your neighborhood.
Lye Soap – A simple lye soap recipe for first time soap makers.
Container Gardening – Why Becky loves container gardening.
Goat’s Milk Olive Oil Soap – A lovely soap recipe that makes a silky bar.
Chicken Coop Ideas – A tour of Becky’s chicken coop designs.
No Knead Bread Recipe – An easy bread recipe for people who’ve never made bread before.
Ordering Chickens Online – How to order chickens online.
Chickens Not Laying – What to do if your chickens won’t lay eggs.
Raising Pigs For Meat – Becky shows you how she buys a baby pig and gets it’s pen ready.

If you’re just getting into homesteading and want some inspiration this DVD is for you.

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